Commercial Residential

“What do you do?”  At the Grand Handyman, Inc., we do everything from minor repairs up to, but not including, additions.  Therefore, you are sure to find what you need done with our service.  Do not hesitate to call us with any questions. 


“Maybe this job is too small for you to do?”  No job is too small.  We know our customers sometime have minor repairs or other small items that need attention.  Call us for these items and we guarantee you will be satisfied with our service.  Afterwards, we trust will be considered for any bigger projects in your future.


“Do you charge by the hour or by the job?”  Our residential jobs are estimated and charged by a job price.  Our commercial accounts are billed on a time and materials basis with estimates for larger projects.  Unless unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances (“the unknowns”) arise on a job, the price you are quoted will be the price you pay.  The “unknowns” are usually a known possibility during the estimate appointment. 


“Do you guarantee your work?”  At GHI we take pride in our quality work.  In addition, our philosophy is to build our business with long-term relationships with our customers.  If there is problem we will honor our commitment to you.


“Will I have to wait all day for a GHI Service Representative?”  When an appointment is set with the Grand Handyman, Inc., you can expect us on that date and time.  If we are behind schedule expect a timely call.  If the scheduled day has to be changed, expect a call.  Meeting our customers’ expectations is the difference we provide. 


“Can I have references?”  We can provide references to be contacted by phone.  More recently,  we have established e-mail references to make it easier and less awkward for all involved. 


“Who will be sent to do the work?”  Be assured that a professional , dependable and knowledgeable representative will be completing your repair, renovation or installation. 


“For renovations involving electrical work and plumbing, who will do that aspect of the job?  All electrical and plumbing services are subcontracted to licensed professionals by GHI.  Our contracting partners uphold the same high quality standards practiced by Grand Handyman, Inc. 


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