The Grand Handyman, Inc. specializes in servicing the residential customer.  With professionalism, dependability, quality and quick response, your service needs are met and guaranteed!  Service You Expect Join our growing list of satisfied customers and EXPECT :

  • Scheduled appointments & start dates that are honored 
  • Price quotes that are fair and honored
  • Courteous, professional presentation
  • Efficient, effective, and dependable workmanship
  • A clean, safe jobsite during and upon completion of the job
  • Review of the completed service
  • Invoice prices that reflect proposal prices
  • Timely, accurate billing
  • Customer Satisfaction guaranteed !

Punchlist Repairs

Get a list together of all those broken and annoying things in your home or business.  Call GHI and get them fixed finally! Call us today and schedule a Service Tech for our new PunchList Program.  

...tell me more about this punchlist thing...

Any and all your repair items that would individually take less than an hour to repair can be accumulated into a half or full day punchlist to be efficiently completed by a GHI service tech.  Please call for half and full day rates.